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Eco Peace Centers

What is possible.

There are many places on earth where the people and the ecosystems are injured and suffering.  An eco peace center is a wholistic remedy.

Imagine a small village that combines the ancient wisdom of living in balanced relationship with nature, and the eco technologies of today.


Artists  rendering of San Francisco as described in Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing (1993) The Fifth Sacred Thing

Each center will be unique in meeting the needs of the people including sustainable cycles for food, water, energy, abundance, and the regrowth of local flora, fauna and ecosystems.

Each center will be a source to help seed new centers by providing  seed banks, design innovations, resources and education to train specialists. The Peace Centers will form a supportive web, where they can share staff, eco technologies, goods and more.

Each center will be a source to help seed new centers by providing  seed banks, design innovations, resources and education to train specialists. The Peace Centers will form a supportive web, where they can share staff, eco technologies, goods and more.


 Permaculture Design from Eco Design Hive


Imagine seeing the globe from above and all the areas that are grey represent broken systems that are causing harm.  Imagine each eco peace center as a green circle.  At first there are just a few green circles.  Each green circle will grow as life returns and expands to to the surrounding areas.  Also the seeds of this center will travel to new places on the globe and take root starting new centers, which will also proliferate.  In biology this is termed exponential growth, and you can imagine these green dots increasing and growing very rapidly.

The question is, is the environment able to support this growth? The research shows that it is.  Through practices such as using fungi to clean toxic waste, Permaculture to grow diverse plants and animals, natural water and energy harvesting methods, eco structures, and efficient community living these green dots will grow.


Permaculture garden design from

Permaculture garden design from

Imagine walking through a center.  You will see beauty in the nature and the designs which use sacred geometry and ratios.  You will see people learning, creating, growing food, doing healing, practicing music, movement, and art. Each center is continually learning, evolving, and sharing.  The simple goals are vitality for the people and nature, and creating abundance with can be shared to help others. 


Artist Unknown

World Releaf Project

The vision for World Releaf Project is global web of Eco-education Peace Centers that craft Peace Sticks, host workshops, support local people and indigenous cultures and foster sustainability and ecosystem conservation.

9AA70ED3-9FA8-47F3-93F1-BC6848A33BA1 2.JPG

The Peace Circle Nicaragua Center for World Peace

 Founded in 2011 by Shine Rilling. 












Shine initially traveled to Nicaragua in search of remote waves and raw nature.  When he arrived to a small coastal village he received many signs to start a peace center here.  He met a deep friend and brother Abram, who had been living in Nicaragua for several years who also shared the vision.  Together they rented a small shack on the beach and started.  Shine began by asking a few young men if they would like to make sticks, and inviting children to come and paint.  Over the years the tribe has grown and together we have hand made several thousand Peace Sticks.



At the Center, Peace Sticks are hand-crafted by local families and international students. This provides the people with employment opportunities and incentivizes protection of the ecosystem. The sticks are sustainably harvested with machetes from the local forest from two trees Tibulote and Guacimo, and crafted without the use of power tools. Children also make Friendship Bracelets and jewelry with shells collected from the beach. The Center has employed over 70 local people of all ages and has also taught key skills including math, reading, writing, accounting, business, art and language. The children paint the sticks with images of animals and symbols of peace with the intention to create a culture of world peace. The Center offers a free food program, free clothing program, and helps with financial support and implementation of medical supplies and treatment.  The Center hosts Peace Sticks trainings and retreats where internationa and the local people learn and play together. This is the first model of a Peace Center for the World Releaf Project.

IMG_2517 2.JPG
E1CBCFCF-681D-4012-9DE0-02F009553AAB 2.JPG

Our goal is to create Peace Centers around the world.

Here is a how to template:

1. Identify a location and community 

2. Create a council with the local people to identify the top needs of the community.

3. Create a master plan for an Eco Peace Center,  inviting local and international specialists in natural ecosystems, wholistic healing, nutrition, permaculture, water, eco technology, eco architecture, peace education, sustainable business, Peace Sticks, and more.

4. Each phase of creation is an educational workshop for the community and international students.

5. Create sustainable eco-businesses. Teach people to craft Peace Sticks, jewelry and other sustainably harvested eco-products. Also host educational workshops and facilitate local eco-tourism. This gives value to the ecosystem, and incentivizes the local people to preserve and protect the land.

6. Plant indigenous trees, edible and medicinal plants contributing to sustainability and wildland preservation.

7. Invite international specialists to host workshops, retreats and create educational film content. Thus, sharing the wisdom of how to heal the planet with a global audience. Furthermore, students can return to their home countries, teach peace ceremonies, and proliferate more peace centers.

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