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Peace Sticks Story


Peace Sticks was created by Shine and Evan Rilling while hiking in the forest with their dog when they spontaneously picked up sticks and began to throw them between each other. During this play, they entered into a flow state or moving meditation, where they experienced almost supernatural presence, awareness,peak-performance, and synergistic connection. From this day Shine began looking for sticks in nature to craft and asking people to play with him.


Over the past 17 years this practice, which came to be known as Peace Sticks, led him on a journey around the world, continually evolving the art of playing, the teaching methodology and the Peace Ceremony.

Shine and tribe have taught Peace Sticks to thousands of people and facilitated groups with Corporate Bankers, top ranked Rehab Centers, Schools, Universities, conscious festivals, professional athletes, UN Peace Leaders, and children in villages.

They also started making Peace Sticks with local people in many remote places of the world, creating sustainable community eco businesses, and Peace Centers.

Peace Sticks Workshop at Bhakti Festival
Sharing Peace Sticks in Lombok, Indonesia
Shine playing with United Nations
member from Pakistan Ali Muhammad
Sharing Peace Sticks with our friends from the Shipibo Tribe in the Peruvian Amazon

Peace Sticks Footage

Shine & Evan Rilling playing

Shine playing Peace Sticks with local children in a village in Lombok, Indonesia

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