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Be part of the Vision.

We feel deep gratitude for all the support we receive  from people around the world. 


It is our honor and life purpose to create a future of peace together.











Your donations support the project in many ways including sharing free healthy food, gifting Peace Sticks to children, Peace Sticks teachings, and funding our team, travel, peace events and peace centers. 


We share a heart to heart hug in Love and Gratitude


Thank you for choosing to support the World Peace Tribe Vision and Mission


 You can donate directly through:

Venmo - @Peacesticks

 or through the paypal link below

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Ways to get involved

We feel a synergy a shared vision, here’s are simple ways we can create together.

1). Purchase a pair of Peace Sticks here and learn to play and teach others the practice.  This also supports the families in special places that hand crafted your sticks.

2) Attend a Peace Sticks Event.  Let’s connect in person, grow together, and grow peace.

3). Attend a Teacher Training and become a facilitator.  Open the door to guide groups of people and share ways to enter flow state, cultivate vitality, connect and create peace.

3)  Invite us to share a Peace Sticks Ceremony or teaching at an event or organization.

contact us.

4) Give someone a gift of Peace Sticks and other World Peace Tribe Goods.

5) Connect to our Peace offerings online, Shining Lion Music on Spotify and YouTube and Peace Sticks videos.


6) Make a donation to support the growth of Peace.

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