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Shining Lion Music

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Shining Lion is music for our future, weaving World Medicine Music, Reggae, and multilingual Hip Hop with lyrics that paint the transformation of our culture and planet to its highest vibration.


“We are here to serve the people and nature, sharing collaborative Peace Concerts around the world and recording uplifting, good energy music.” - Shine


Many of the songs are inspired by Shine’s surf and nature adventures and the people he meets in remote places on earth.  The drastic paradox of worlds, from the rush and insanity of big cities like LA, to the rural villages of the Amazon, where life can be experienced in simplicity, inspire the stories of where we came from, where we are and where we can go.













Shine loves to play ancient, natural instruments like flutes, hand drums, didgeridoo and acoustic guitar. He also loves learning new languages, seeing new perspectives, and recording sounds in nature.


Shine brings these elements and songs to the studio and stage uniting with genius producer and multi-instrumentalist 'Oliwa' Oliver Newell, and a collective of musicians and artists which include his family and friends.  Together they weave tribal rhythms, indigenous wisdom, and an Earth centered message into an experience that connects people to the source.




Shining Lion's community-centered message, have been a favorite at festivals including Aniwa, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, BhaktiFest, Flow Fest (Hawaii), Envision (Costa Rica) One Love, Unify, Symbiosis, Portal to the New Earth, college campuses, Farmers Markets and Earth Day celebrations.



Visions for the future include traveling to foreign lands to record songs and videos with local children and musicians and create World Peace Concerts.


Shining Lion events are more than concerts; they are World Peace Ceremonies, fully connecting to the people and elements of nature.  Peace Sticks Play is often combined with the music, to create a profound life force activating experience. 








Let’s Imagine a mythical Shining Lion: an intergalactic being of Love and Light who has come to Earth at this time to help the People, Plants and Animals. The Lion is a master of Life Force Energy and Sound Vibration.  He is calling us to join together in Peace Ceremonies across the globe. With the healing powers of music, movement and intention we create the New Earth.


Shine singing with local people in Sumatra in their native language

Shine playing the Ocarina in the Peruvian Amazonian Jungle


Shine playing Native American Flute 

Shine and Oliwa onset for their song "Reason Why They're Green"

Shine playing Djembe at a festival

Ocean day 2019 (20).JPG

Shine performing with his son Alaeika also known as Dj Dinosaur

World Peace Ceremony at Lucidity with Shining Lion

Shining Lion Music Videos

Standing Rock ( Loving the Water) Official Music Video

"For all Children and the Next 7 Gerenations, We Stand United with Standing Rock,

All Waters of the Earth, and All LIfe."

Simplify and Unify Official Music Video

We all feel the gravity of this time on earth, and will face the challenges together. This song activates and empowers us in truth and awareness, to make changes and choices that unite us and bring us into harmony with the Earth and All Living Beings. We hear these words, receive them in our minds and hearts, and share the power in action with our friends world wide. Each one teach one. One Love World Peace ☺

Reason Why They're Here Official Music Video

“There’s a Reason Why They’re Green,” For all Children and the Next 7 Gerenations, May we use our money and resources wisely, to live in harmony and create a Green Living Planet Earth. George Washington's Awakening. 1st President and Founding Father of America, falls asleep in his hemp field in 1797 and has a Horrifying Dream where he sees mass war, oppression and environmental destruction. He sees his face on the $1 bill, and the way in which our Great Nation has gone off course. He then wakes up in 2018 on the West Coast of California. He is befriended by people who take him on an adventure and teach him about the Green Movement, and how we can use Money to heal the earth. He undergoes a radical transformation, which ultimately leads him back to the Native American way of “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”, To All of our relations, Caring for All Life. He becomes a leader for healing America and the planet.

'Planting Party'  Official Music Video

As the machine and routine of humanity came to a global halt in 2020, humans were left with the question.  If I don’t have to go to work or go to school or do what someone else tells me to do, what will I do?   It seemed we all heard the same thing, connect with the earth and plant seeds.  Grow food and beauty, be outside, celebrate and plant and dance with our friends.   We experienced a powerful healing of people, families, and the planet. We began to make a real investment in the future for our children. This song was born as we got together and planted, and is inspired by all of you.  Huge thank you to all the organic farmers, permaculturists, eco communities, and people of every kind who are planting the future. It is one of the simplest, most rewarding, and ancient things to do on Planet Earth.  Plant a seed and help it grow.  Share the gifts with your tribe.

“It’s a planting Party.”

'Roots Touch the Water' Official Music Video

This is the true story and the true struggle that I face, that I feel many Fathers, Mothers and all people are facing. I watched my children be born, I have given them the very best love and life I can, which for me is about being in nature and living in harmony with the earth. At the same time I see the immense force and effect of a society that has been focused on war and profit while causing harm to people and destroying the environment. It uses advertising, sugar foods, games, movies, music and culture in general to hook children and people into ways of life that are dangerous to themselves and the earth. I have experienced moments of anger, fear, and deep sadness, unsure how to help my children and really all children survive and thrive amidst such a crazy moment in history. May this film inspire people to bring children into nature and create an opportunity. For love and Care of the earth and all its creatures to grow strong will inspire us to create changes, those that will direct the course of humanity to One Love and World Peace.

Sending you Love and Gratitude

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