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I founded the Peace Circle 8 years ago with the intention of creating amazing art and Peace Sticks with the local people, in a way that would benefit each person, the community, and the incredible natural environment.
-Shine Rilling,
Founder of Peace Sticks

Thank you deeply for connecting with World Peace Tribe. We are a global community of People and Projects who’s mission is to create vibrant ecosystems of healthy humans, plants,animals and a peaceful Planet Earth.


World Peace Tribe is a canopy organization for Peace Sticks, Peaceful Ninja, Shining Lion Music, World Releaf, Peace Circle Nicaragua and more.


We believe in sacred commerce that supports nature, indigenous ways, and a culture of Peace.


What is the World Peace Tribe Tour?  An intercontinental series of World Peace Ceremonies, concerts, Teacher Trainings, and founding of Peace Centers.


What is Peace Sticks:

Peace Sticks is a paradigm shifting game/ practice, of throwing
and catching sticks, which opens a human being to fully feel the
transformation from:

1. Anxiety to Flow State

2. Competition to Collaboration

3. Separation to Community

Peace Sticks embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, Martial
Arts, Dance, and Music. It is taught in the form of a Peace
Ceremony which uses the way of the circle, talking stick, breath,
and other tribal technologies to unite people.


Benefits Peace Sticks is an entry way into flow, a state of peak performance and pure presence moving meditation, where the human system is fully alive and able to learn new things at an unprecedented rate.


Physical Balances left and right sides of the brain, improves cardio, reflexes,

hand eye coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall health.


Menta: Relieves stress, improves focus, connects new neural pathways to increase mental abilities and brain development, and helps mental disorders such as dyslexia, and ADD.


Social/emotional Based on helping each other, non-judgment and collaboration Peace Sticks, creates self-confidence, trust, empathic communication, and friendship.


Inner Peace In this age of technology and over-stimulation Peace Sticks is an almost instant way to enter a state of calm clear mind, joy and gratitude.















Magic Invention Peace Sticks was discovered by Shine and Evan Rilling in 2006. One day on hike with their dog in a forest, they picked up sticks and began to throw them back and forth. During this play, they realized they entered into a powerful, transformative flow state of peak-performance consciousness. Since creation Peace Sticks has been taught to thousands of people. Peace Sticks ceremonies have been utilized in schools, rehabilitation centers, corporate team building, athletic cross training, at risk youth, music festivals, and public peace ceremonies.


Peace Circle Nicaragua In YEAR (2011) Shine founded the Peace Circle Center for World Peace in Nicaragua. Here local families hand-craft Peace Sticks, and jewelry and the team hosts educational retreats, and community outreach programs.


World Releaf Project A global web of Eco Education Peace Centers, which craft Peace Sticks and other natural goods, host workshops, and support the growth of indigenous cultures and ecosystems.


School of the Peaceful Ninja Founded in YEAR (2011) with his son Pako; it is a holistic youth empowerment school that weaves teachings from many ancient

lineages, such as Taoism, martial arts, yoga, capoeira, and Native American teachings.


Shining Lion Music creates a vibration of World Peace. Weaving world rhythms, languages, wisdom, and prayers for the next

generations, this music inspires the people of the planet into our most beautiful future. This music is used in Peace Sticks Ceremonies and is perfect for dancing and movement practices

Listen here!

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"The practice has really helped my family and is getting my 8 yr old autistic step brother to be more engaging with us! He loves to play! "


Thought Leader, World Bridger, Teacher, Healer, Musician, Visionary, and Wisdom Keeper

Shine is a master of Flow State, Human Transformation and Life Force Energy.


He is the creator of World Peace Tribe Inc., Peaceful Ninja, Shining Lion Music, Peace Circle Nicaragua, and inventor of the paradigm shifting game Peace Sticks.


Just before graduating with Honors from USD with a major in Biology and minors in Psychology, Philosophy, and Spanish, he experienced a life changing event, where two Elders performed an energy healing on his younger sister, who had been
extremely sick for almost a year.


Not only did this mark the beginning of her recovery, it also launched Shine into a new world of possibility.


He set out on a quest to learn from the ancient lineages of movement, healing, and shamanism of indigenous world cultures. He has traveled to over 13 countries, studying five languages, and training with masters, elders, and leading edge practitioners of human healing and spiritual evolution.


Magic Invention: One day on hike with his Dog in a forest, he and his brother picked up sticks and began to throw them back and forth.


Peace Sticks is a miraculous movement practice with the simplicity and power to bring you into a sate of moving meditation, pure presence and collaborative energy exchange, where you can experience an activation of your innate Chi Life Force Energy.


With his two sons he founded School of the Peaceful Ninja and a Peace Center in Nicaragua, where international students and local families hand craft Peace Sticks, and do outreach programs.


Shine is an instructor of Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gung, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and
Indigenous Ceremony.


He is a Holistic Life Coach and Therapist, with extensive mastery in energy healing, family, communication, life
purpose, nutrition, and optimal human performance.


In the US and abroad He can be found leading teacher trainings and ransformational Retreats and workshops.


He has worked in the fields of Rehabilitation, Team Building, Cross training, At Risk Youth, and Education.

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