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A Unifying paradigmn

At present, humans all across the earth are connected and aware that we all share this home. We all share a common vision for a safe, beautiful,

vital planet earth, for our children and the future generations.

What does tribe mean to you?  At the most basic level a tribe is a group of people who choose to help each other and unite for life.


Imagine yourself as an early human, facing the challenges of survival.

In this moment it is natural to form a connection with family and community

 to assess what is needed for safety, shelter, and nourishment, and communicate and work together.

Why World Peace Tribe?  In the past there have been many tribes,

  many countries, many groups of humans who have seen themselves as separate and often against “the other.”  This worldview of separation and

   competition has caused damage and destruction that is now affecting us all,  with a huge amount of our resources and energy focused on war and profit at the expense of the wellbeing of people and the environment.

    What if we can shift this by changing the way we relate to the world.  We know that we are one human family sharing one beautiful planet.  Every time we choose to collaborate and help each other, share our food, share a smile or hug, give a peace sign, pick up trash or make a choice in kindness, it is for our highest good and that of the whole earth family.


Inner Peace, Outer Peace, World Peace.


World Peace Tribe Vision

        World Peace Tribe is a global movement, focused on creating ways of life centered in unity,  peace and  alliance with nature.  It is a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration, which empowers us to create vibrant, harmonious life on earth.

Our Mission

World Peace Tribe is weaving a global alliance of solution oriented community, through Peace Sticks, Peace education, Shining Lion Music, Eco Peace Centers, and World Peace Gatherings.


We are in service to Mother Earth, the children, and the future generations.  We are grateful to connect and collaborate with individuals and organizations who share this purpose.


 Shine and Amaya are emissaries of peace for the US Department of Peace, the Pakistani Department of Peace, The United Nations, and International Cities of Peace.

How can we start?

 To shift humanities’ way of life from war centered to Peace centered. We must refocus

We can start by making a sacred stick from the branch of a tree,  reconnecting people with nature.

We use these Peace Sticks to reconnect people by playing in collaboration and using them as talking sticks to give and receive communication from the heart.

We rekindle community through the collaborative process of creating Eco Peace       Centers.

 Peace Sticks is a game, an education tool, a wellness practice, a carrier of peace culture, a sustainable community eco business, and a unifying way of living. 


Planet Healing Vision & Process

 Go up into space and look at the earth. See all the areas that are in a critical situations facing challenges of pollution, deforestation, and war. From this perspective how do we do first aid and heal our planet.

1. Connect with peace leaders in key locations.





2. Do Public Peace Ceremonies and gatherings, inviting local and international peace and environmental groups.




3. Host Peace Sticks Teacher Trainings, where local youth, leaders and educators learn how to teach Peace Sticks, facilitate council, and implement peace and environmental practices.




4. Help local organizations, businesses, and schools integrate Peace Sticks into their curriculums. 





5. Support local people and organizations to start Eco Peace Centers that create sustainable economic models, protect nature and serve the greater community.

Shane Rilling Bio
Shine Dig.jpg
surf pic bio.jpeg

Visionary, world bridger, teacher, healer, musician, and Earth Ally. Shine is a master of flow state, human transformation and life force energy.  He is the founder of World Peace Tribe, Peace Sticks, School of the Peaceful Ninja, and Shining Lion Music.  

He is a passionate father of two, and deeply committed to children and the future generations.

He holds an honors degree in Biology and minors in Psychology, Philosophy, and Spanish from University of San Diego. Shine chose to major in Biology due to his desire to help bridge humanity with the natural world. Growing up he had incredible friendships and communication with his dogs. He felt that many of the problems faced by humanity are due to a sense of separation and/or superiority to nature. Both of his parents study and work with plants and trees, and actively led the family on backpacking trips in the Sierras and beyond to learn first hand about wildlife.

He was deeply influenced by Native American teachings, where animals and plants are regarded as  kin.  Shine’s personal mission  is to foster the human connection and love for nature.


Just prior to graduating university, he experienced a life changing   event in Ojai, California. Two Elders performed an energy healing on his younger sister, whom had been extremely sick with an undiagnosed illness for one year. This initiated the beginning of her recovery and simultaneously catalyzed Shine into a new field of possibility.

With his surfboards and instruments, he set out on a global quest to learn from ancient cultures about movement practices, healing, shamanism, and nature.  He has traveled to over 15 countries and speaks several languages.  


He has trained with masters of Taoism, Yoga, Capoeira and Shamans from the Americas, Africa, Hawaii, and Indonesia. He learned Chi Gung and Tai Chi sword with Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master Zhou, and Earth Wisdom with the Council of Indigenous Grandmothers. 

When Shine and his bother spontaneously invented Peace Sticks

it opened a new way to connect with people in collaboration and flow state.  As Shine continued to develop the methodology and way of teaching his diverse learning background naturally synthesized to create a transformational experience to awaken primal life force energy. 

These methods connect to ancient tribal wisdom, and focus on healing and reconnecting human beings to our true nature, community and the earth.


Shine is a Holistic Life Coach, Therapist and instructor of Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gung, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Peaceful Communication and Adventure Therapy. Shine has worked with Peace Sticks in the fields of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Corporate Team Building, Professional Athletic Training, At-Risk Youth, and Education.


Shine and tribe have shared teacher trainings, transformational retreats, and Peace Ceremonies around the world and united with local people to craft Peace Sticks and create Eco Peace Centers.

Shine is passionate about weaving a world culture of vitality and peace.  

Amaya Gaia Bio

Amaya lives from her heart. She naturally gives care to people and the earth and is deeply connected to the present transformation process to greater vitality, safety, peace, and Love.


Her heart guided her to India where she entered a two month

full time Hatha and Ashtanga teacher training at Alahk Yog. She entered  Yogic Cleansing processes, meditation and diet which opened a fundamental transformation process of her mind, body,

and approach to life. She continues a committed daily practice and Yogic Lifestyle.


She then traveled the globe for 3 years, teaching Yoga and living and learning at Permaculture Eco-Communities. She is an avid student of Ancient Earth and Star Wisdom, Women’s health, natural Living, Astrology, Tribal Culture, energy field healing and ceremony.


Amaya’s movement offerings reflect her lifelong study of dance including, modern dance, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion, African, and Ceremonial Balinese.


She shares her love of flow state through the arts of Peace Sticks, Hula Hoop, and Dance Fans.  She creates sacred movement experiences with her DJ sets sourcing Mantras, and tribal rhythms from around the world

Amaya has a deep ancestral connection to a variety of Plant Medicines and the path of living the beauty way with an open loving heart.

In devotion to the raising of collective consciousness , Amaya together with her beloved Shine are on a mission to seed a culture that is in harmony with all of life through the World Peace Tribe movement.

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