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Oliwa and I recorded this album in upper Ojai, in a studio under the oak trees and red tailed hawks.  Each morning we passed a talking stick to share our gratitude for life and this opportunity to create music together and share it with you. We stretched, did some Oms or toning and shared our creative intentions.  In this year past year I traveled to many islands in Indonesia, the Peruvian Amazon, and mountains in california.  These songs came to me in these beautiful places and I also recorded live nature sounds, which we included in the songs.  Each day when other musicians came to record had a special energy and I feel so blessed for the spirit and contribution of unique sounds, rhythms and friendship.  I really enjoyed bringing these songs to life and playing a variety of instruments including flutes, didgeridoo, hand pan, guitar, hand drums, percussion and more.  I am continually in awe and gratitude as I watch Oliwa Produce.  His body is always dancing to the songs, and his hands, moving from mouse, to keys, to strings through so many layers of tracks, continually dialing in the sounds to perfection and bringing ideas to life.  I think it’s almost impossible to know how many choices, clicks listens, and layers go into perfecting each song.  It is truly a synthesis of nature, prayer, instruments, incredible technology, and source flowing through our creative channels.  


As these vibrations touch your being, I pray that you feel good energy, that your experience of living is brightened and that your connection to friends, nature and source are deepened. 


"We Are Alive" album

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