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World Peace Tribe

We are creating a culture centered in peace and alliance with nature.


World Peace Tribe Vision


        World Peace Tribe is a global movement, focused on creating ways of life centered in unity,  peace and  alliance with nature.  It is a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration, which empowers us to create vibrant, harmonious life on earth.

Our Mission

World Peace Tribe is weaving a global alliance of solution oriented community, through Peace Sticks, Peace education, Shining Lion Music, Eco Peace Centers, and World Peace Gatherings.

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With open hands and hearts we welcome you.

My name is Shine and I am grateful to connect with you. I’m not the leader of World Peace Tribe. I am one of the many leaders.   One being with a specific role here to inspire and empower you and many more to also become leaders.  To activate your role and gifts so that we can create simultaneously and weave our offerings and communities  together in a circle of balance to create a bright, beautiful planet earth.


Our intention is that our online Center for World Peace, shares visions and opportunities that open doors in your mind, heart and life path.  That what you experience here allows you to see ways that you can participate and be part of the transformation, the paradigm shift that we, the current humans, are bringing to life.


Please connect with us, share who you are, what you are here to do, and how we can support and unite together.


With open hands and open hearts we welcome you.  We send a Bear Hug and Pure Love  from our family to yours.

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