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Shine Rilling is a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled multidisciplinary healing practitioner of the highest caliber. His knowledge base and skillset is truly unique and exceptional. He has dedicated most of his life to deeply learn, understand, practice and ultimately teach the modalities and traditions he has worked with. He has extensive knowledge of indigenous and Native American traditions and medicine, Chi Kung, meditation, yoga, martial arts, shamanism, herbalism, intuitive energy work, counseling, and body work. Combined with his creativity as an artist and musician, Shine delivers a unique and powerful healing experience.

Shine was intuitively able to focus on the areas in my body and energy field that were out of balance. It was by far one of the most profound healing sessions I have had with a practitioner. I experienced immediate release of physical, mental, and energetic blockages and pain in my body. He was professional, caring, attentive, and deeply focused. He went to great lengths to prepare a sacred and peaceful environment. I left feeling better than I had in very long time.

Shine is not only a skilled practitioner of holistic health, but he himself is an embodiment of the healing he transmits. Shine truly practices what he preaches. He is a disciplined and humble lifelong student  He emanates radiant health and literally does seem to “shine.”. He is dedicated to serving the planet, and spreading peace, love, and healing to all. He is a skilled communicator, facilitator, and peacemaker. He has the highest integrity and holds true to his word. He is the embodiment of a peaceful warrior. 

On a personal note, I hold Shine in the highest esteem as a human being. Shine radiates positive energy, love, gentleness, and kindness. Shine exudes a childlike sense of wonder, play and laughter, and raises the vibration of any room he walks into by virtue of his being. His presence itself is innately healing. Anyone that has spent time with him and his kids knows that he is an incredible, loving, devoted father, as evidenced by the powerful little Buddha children he has raised. 

I am grateful to have Shine Rilling in my life as a friend, teacher, and practitioner, and would recommend him highly to anyone seeking healing, spiritual connection, and deeper wisdom.

Adam Douglas Heyes, Business and Creative Developer / Holistic Healer

I really enjoyed my attempt at trying out Peace Sticks with Shine. Although I wasn't very good at first, Shine's calm demeanor and encouragement helped to ease my thoughts and clear my mind to get into the groove and rhythm of the drills, which is really the point of the activities. One must clear their mind of outside influences and simply trust in the person you are paired with and react to the activity as it happens. I would recommend these drills to help clear your mind of distractions and to better handle and focus on only the issues at hand.


Jesus Gaspar

When my family came to visit me at Passages Malibu it was very difficult, especially for my 9 year old son.  Although he had seen me intoxicated only three times in his entire life the final episode was traumatic for him, and he arrived angry and distant. His first words to me were: "I so hate you." Although this was somewhat expected I was not prepared for the factual realization of how far apart we'd grown in the previous 12 months, and him being my only child, and his mother and I separated, it was very painful. My inability to connect with my young son that day broke my heart and caused me to wake up and see the damage I'd done because of my alcohol dependency. A few days prior to his visit I participated in Shine's Peace Sticks therapy group at Passages, and discovered that this simple, non-competitive, symbolic game was a relationship healer and builder, so after an hour of uncomfortable visiting with my son, I invited him to play Peace Sticks with me. He begrudgingly agreed. I am not exaggerating when I say that after only 5 minutes of playing this wonderful game he was sitting on my lap with his face buried in my neck telling me he loved me. I held him for a long time and told him how much I loved him.  So with this note, I am expressing my sincerest gratitude to Shine and the children who create every unique pair of Peace Sticks for helping me reconnect with my son and myself.


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