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Peace Sticks Services


Schools The Future of our planet is in the hands of the children. Bring Peace Sticks to your schools and open the door to a paradigm shift. We believe the tools they need are the abilities to work together, help each other, communicate, and embody the energies of acceptance, community and collaboration. Peace Sticks is an amazing development game that unites Body, Mind, and people.


Peace Sticks has worked with over 15 schools from public to private, elementary to university with amazing success and lasting positive effects.


Corporate Team Building  Efficiency, Health, Fun, Connection.

Does your team face the challenges of stress, pressure, communication, and inefficiency?

Our Team building programs go to the core of these challenges and engage individuals and the collective in experiences, that inspire people to become fully present and learn to work together.

We focus on peaceful communication techniques, health, and creating ways for each member to feel valued and share their best for the success of the whole.


Therapy Peace Sticks has been used for over 5 years in many rehabilitation centers, including teen treatment centers, and Passages, one of the top centers in the world, a, with profound healing results. One of the super-powers is the ability to help someone transcend depression, anxiety, separation, and other mental challenges, by bringing clients into flow state and connection.  Playing Peace Sticks also has rapid, lasting physical rehabilitation results, in that it in balances the left and right sides of the brain and body. Essentially it helps bring a human being back online into a highly functional, efficient state in a way that is fun and easy.


Events Birthday parties, celebrations, and public events. The Peace Sticks ceremony opens the door for everyone to participate, play, and feel connected to the whole. We customize the ceremony to bring light to your intention.


Festivals Peace Sticks and Peaceful Ninja has been a featured favorite festival workshop at LIB, Lucidity, Bhakti Fest, Envision, Symbiosis, and many Earth Day Events.


Life Coaching and Mediation Shine has an extensive background in Life Coaching and Counseling for all ages. Through playing Peace Sticks, using the way of the talking stick, and peaceful communication practices, he opens a space for healing and life changes.

Link to my Biography.


Teacher Training Would you like to become a Peace Sticks/ Peaceful Ninja Facilitator? Learn the techniques that can be used to bring a group of human beings into Flow State, efficiency and harmonious collaboration. Our tools and methodology have been tested and proven with powerful results.


Retreats Join us in a beautiful natural setting, and experience a process that will awaken your Life Force Energy, connect to your purpose, and teach powerful ways to upgrade your life.

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