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Steamboat Springs Nature Retreat

Wolf Run Ranch, Steamboat Springs, Co.




Thought Leader, World-Bridger, Teacher, Healer, Musician, Visionary, and Wisdom Keeper. Shine is a master of Flow State, Human Transformation and Life Force Energy.


Shine graduated with Honors from USD with a major in Biology and minors in Psychology, Philosophy, and Spanish.


Shine is an instructor of Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gung, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Indigenous Ceremony. He is a Holistic Life Coach and Therapist, with extensive mastery in energy healing, family, communication, life purpose, nutrition, and optimal human performance.


He is the creator of World Peace Tribe Inc., Peaceful Ninja, Shining Lion Music, Peace Circle Nicaragua, and inventor of the paradigm-shifting game Peace Sticks. Peace Sticks is a miraculous movement practice with the simplicity and power to bring you into a state of moving meditation, pure presence, and collaborative energy exchange, where you can experience an activation of your innate Chi Life Force Energy.



Monique has been exploring the nature of Steamboat since she was 8 years old. She has a lifelong passion for wildlife conservation and learning about local species. She enjoys horseback riding, skiing, rock climbing, star gazing and all sorts of nature adventures.


Monique is focused on life transformation, through the practices of Yoga, meditation, Nutrition, and spiritual growth.


Through overcoming personal obstacles, Monique feels enlivened on her journey and cherishes the opportunity to connect with others and share the practices that have helped her heal and create a life she loves.


Monique is a world traveler, she loves to learn about other cultures and speaks proficient French and basic German. 

MISSION To provide an idyllic nature experience with gourmet organic food and expert facilitators who support you in making key life choices, activating true health, relationships, and life purpose.


PROGRAM Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Peace Sticks, nutritional healing, sound healing,
Fire Ceremony, Talking Stick Communication Circle, Hot Springs.



Retreat description

Imagine life is a river that flows naturally full of energy, honesty, joy, vitality, intuition, and deep connection and purpose. Through the events and traumas of life, we may accumulate blocks on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels that can hold us in states of fear, anxiety, and stagnation.  It can be as if we are standing on the shore of the river, not receiving and living in the benefits of life’s flow.


Our intention is to support you in identifying and clearing blocks on all levels and learning new patterns and possibilities that reconnect you to the flowing river of life.


We believe in the healing power of nature, and in the power of nature inside of you. Our experience is designed to bring you into a flow, a state of being where you are able to experience pure presence, joy, and heightened ability to learn, grow, and create new patterns.


Our approach is holistic and during these 3 days together we will share wisdom and tools that you will be able to learn and use in your daily life.


This will include:

Keys to tuning in to nature for healing and fun.

Vital food choices.

Energizing exercises.

Mind clearing, meditation, and focus techniques.

Emotional awareness and processing.

Breathing techniques for healing and relaxation.

How to work with the energy circuits in the body.


Connecting to our Life Purpose

Placing our choices in the bigger context of our life journey and dreams.

Choices and will power.

Choosing our environment.


Replacing key patterns in our self-talk, and in talking with others.

Improving communication and relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

Practicing non-judgment and the way of the talking stick. The talking stick is an instrument used by many tribes, may be passed around a group as a symbol of their opportunity in public.

How to create a childlike mind state to learn new things about ourselves and life.


Entering Flow state

The brain benefits from using both sides of the brain, flow state, and learning something brand new.


Operating in collaboration and creating win-win experiences.

Activating our power to help others and the benefits of altruism.


One of our primary transformational practices is Peace Sticks: a life force activating practice, of throwing and catching sticks, which embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, dance, and balanced giving and receiving of energy.  Playing Peace Sticks allows us to experience 3 powerful shifts.


Anxiety to Flow State

Competition to Collaboration. Separation to Community.

The Peace Sticks Ceremony combined with Shining Lion Music creates an experience which allows us to embody these 3 energies, and activate an ancient connection to nature, our core, and each other.

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